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Dan Walters on Taxes, Redevelopment, and Jerry Brown

Apparently this guy, he and the democrats, wanted to do a budget that said, if you pass the taxes we will do this, this and this&quot; and &quot;if you don&#39;t do the taxes, we&#39;ll do this, this, and this.&quot;<br /><br /> BEN TREFNY: So what are some of those triggers, those things that will be taken away?<br /><br /> WALTERS: We don&#39;t know what those triggers are going to be for another week. But undoubtedly, it will involve schools and public safety because those are the things he says are most important, because they are also the things that are most popular with the voters and now the triggers will involve those issues particularly.<br /><br /> TREFNY: And you&#39;ve found California has the fifth highest state taxes already, about 9.5% of percent of personal residents&#39; income.<br /><br /> WALTERS: You have to keep in mind that different states divide up responsibilities differently. And if the governor&#39;s proposal would pass, the 7 billion dollars would add give or take half a percent to that 9.5%, to bring it up to 10%. That would bring it up to the big boys, like New York and New Jersey and Connecticut.<br /><br /> TREFNY: There are only four of those &quot;big boys&quot;.<br /><br /> WALTERS: Yeah.<br /><br /> TREFNY: One of Jerry Brown&#39;s recent victories was shutting down redevelopment industries from around the state. What kind of impact is this going to have in different regions?<br /><br /> WALTERS: Well, it is particularly hard on localities that have relied heavily on redevelopment. So some of those cities that are heavily invested in redevelopment will find it extremely hard.<br /><br /> TREFNY: One of those cities is Oakland. Oakland could apparently lose up to 171 workers, including police officers.<br /><br /> WALTERS: That&#39;s entirely possible. I haven&#39;t looked at a city-by-city survey, but I know San Bernardino has a heavy reliance on redevelopment as well. Those cities that have no redevelopment, or where the redevelopments are small in terms of the structure of the city, the effect is going to be quite minimal. It&#39;s really going to vary a lot from community to community.<br /><br /> TREFNY: And of course this isn&#39;t going to mean the end of redevelopment, it just means the end of the agencies.<br /><br /> WALTERS: No, not the end redevelopment, probably! Unless it&#39;s reconstituted. As it stands, there is no legal authority or continued redevelopment on operations in California as of this moment.<br /><br /> TREFNY: What about all of these areas that have been considered to be blighted in different cities?<br /><br /> WALTERS: The existing projects will continue until they expire. Of that 5 billion dollars, the state is probably going to recapture less than 2 billion of it. The rest of the money is going to be used to pay off the incredible amount of debt - the agencies have racked up over 100 billion dollars worth of debt. That&#39;s double what it was ten years ago. It&#39;s going to be very traumatic for these cities. They are heavily involved in development. You mentioned Oakland, and it&#39;s kind of ironic they will be hit so hard. When Jerry Brown was the mayor of Oakland he was a big fan of redevelopment, but now that he&#39;s mayor he&#39;s against it.<br /><br /> TREFNY: How do you find the legislature working under government Brown? Obviously he still uses tax measures by the voters, so the stale mate with republicans on that front. How about otherwise?<br /><br /> WALTERS: That question presupposes that the legislature is working, doesn&#39;t it? I&#39;m not sure that&#39;s a valid assumption to tell you the truth! One could make the argument of just the opposite. It&#39;s not functioning any better than it did with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, the democrats have a bit more authority because they have a democratic governor. Some of the democratic interest bills, particularly for unions, were signed or weren&#39;t signed before. But in the macro sense, in terms of a functioning body, legislature isn&#39;t any more functional than it was under Schwarzenegger, or Grey Davis. Maybe Jerry Brown the first time around. It is a troubled and dysfunctional body for systemic reasons.<br /><br /> TREFNY: Well, recently you gave Jerry Brown an &quot;A&quot; for engagement and effort and a &quot;D&quot; for results. You also, for that matter, gave that to Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in office.<br /><br /> WALTERS: Yes, their first year. They came into office with similar expectations, which is &quot;Gee! I&#39;m here. Everything changes&quot;. Well, just because you&#39;re here, Jerry, doesn&#39;t mean anything changes. It&#39;s basically a recipe of, &quot;Hey, we&#39;ve taken the idea of checks and balances in California and put it on steroids, and effectively have given every stakeholder and every issue of veto-power&quot;.<br /><br /> TREFNY: Well, because of the systemic problem with state government - and you&#39;ve spoken about that for many years - it must be pretty frustrating for you.<br /><br /> WALTERS: Yeah, 20 some-odd years now, I&#39;ve been writing about that.<br /><br /> TREFNY: Is there anything Governor Jerry Brown in 2012 could do for a better grade?<br /><br /> WALTERS: I think he needs to acknowledge the dysfunction and say, &quot;I will devote my governorship to making it functional&quot;. He&#39;s trying to get around the dysfunction, essentially, by going through the voters. That&#39;s what Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to do as well. Jerry, in some ways, has a more limited vision than Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger really wanted to change the world. He had these big ideas, big ideas of change. Jerry Brown just wants to balance the budget and escape with his life, I think.</p>


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I'm looking to have a mini vacation with a friend of mine next month. We are looking to go to a resort-style spa and stay in the area for a couple of days. For any other purposes, I usually go to a quick in-and-out type of place. But I'm looking for an all day, spend the night, go-away-on-a-retreat type of place for an entire weekend. Hot springs would be awersome. My only criteria? That it's around 4-5 or less hours from the San Jose South Bay area. So what's the creme de la creme?

My owl cat who enjoys elliptical workouts says thx and stay sexy

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Describe your perfect sandwich, layer by layer.

First let's start with the bread- I'll have mine sliced sourdough, grilled in olive oil. Then let's cover those starchy babies in some pesto mayonaise, add some freshly sliced tomato, mozerella cheese, and a good old fashion fried egg (with an extra big yolk) in the middle! Salt/pepper/thyme/oregano to taste. Nom nom nom!


Herb Foccacia
Herb Mayonaise (stick with the theme, bitch)
Sliced Red Peppers
Chicken, sliced with a tender ass. I mean, "Tender Asss Chicken"
Lettuce, but not any of that shredded rabbit shit. That stuff is seriously so gross!! Get away from me.
Herb Foccacia

And some herb to smoke along with it!

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Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday for those getting "heavy petting" on a regular basis, and shitty for single people who usually spend the night watching John Cusack movie marathons and eating jars of Nutella by the spoonful. As a lover of many seasons, I figure I know quite a bit about lurve. This advice is modified for those of you in relationships/with dates, because most of you are "doing it wrong". If you're thirsty for knowledge, I'm a good bottle to drink from.

  • Know that if your partner says something heartfelt, they're probably being sarcastic. Statistically speaking, only half (43% to be exact) of the world is aware that February 14th is also Snark Appreciation Day. This leaves the rest of you doornobs blazing targets for humiliation. Take offense and let them know you're 'onto it', whether it's by making a hurtful jab at their cooking or using physical force. It's much better to get defensive, than to allow  them to make an ass out of your mushy face. Trust me.

  • Wear red- head to toe! It's universally flattering on all skin tones and basically conceals your acne pox and crooked teeth (betcha didn't know that!). If some lame-looking motherfucker asks you where the White Stripes concert is, punch them in the name of love (preferably in front of your significant other). Don't blame me if your lover drags you straight into the bedroom! Trust me.

  • Take a "breather" from bathing and your other hygenic rituals. The nasty beauty industry has you in a grooming headlock of lies. When you bathe, nature's horny helpers- aka pheremones- are washed right down the drain. Forget the "little black dress" or the "axe body spray roll-on" Pheremones are the sexiest accessory you have. If you rid yourself of these, basically that  homeless guy Neil down the street- the one that picks at his skin and hangs in front of Starbucks- has a better chance of impressing your date than you do. Unless you have that foul disease where you skin grows over itself, say ex-nay to the shower-nay. If you just gotta get wet that day, then buy some bottled pheromones off the internet. They realllly work, trust me.

  • Guys- wear a full face of make up! Girls, go au naturelle and remain an earthy beauty like Queen Mona Lisa, the most gorgeous woman to have ever lived. This advice my baffle you, but statistics have shown that hetero couples always wonder (while masturbating) what their partners would look like as members of the opposite sex. Statistics have shown this. Why hasn't this fascinating fantasy been unearthed? Well, ever since the Gay Statistical Movement of 1943, homo and hetero scientists have conducted their research seperately. One study that took place at the University of Arizona (you KNOW everyone there is straight) showed that 78% of men and 92% of women in relationships secretly fantasize about what their partners would look like with their sex "tweaked". The government withholds this information from the mainstream, which is why otherwise reliable sources such as CosmoGirl and Maxim fail to report these facts.

Anyway, that's all I have for now! Feel free to ask for relationship advice in the comments- Valentine's Day is sort of my expertise.

You're just a couple of fucking apes
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Found on Craig's list:

Hope that this post would finally touch the heart of a woman who sees herself reflected in the description of my search this New Year's and that hopefully I could get a special e-mail from her in my inbox.

Hi, I'm a 29 year old single black male. I'm 6,0, muscular, dark brown in complexion. I love to fart. I would like to correspond with a sexy, single and attractive woman, black or white, between 23 and 42 years old with a big butt who farts a lot-farts more than the average person,(at least 25 times a day or more) farts long, loud and smelly. I want a woman who considers herself a farter in every sense of the word, so we can get our groove on together. Please keep in mind that the farting part is absolutely the most essential quality I'm looking for in a mate...for a wild, sexual relationship. I live in Philadelphia, but would be more than willing to do everything necessary to meet a woman who sees herself honestly reflected in this description. A very big butt is a plus.

If you don't fit this description, please do not email me. Also, if you're not serious and are simply looking for someone to tease and do not intend to respond if I try to get in touch with you, please don't e-mail me, because I'm 100% serious. This isn't a joke at all. I'm tired of getting e-mails from folks who pretend to fit the description, yet don't respond when I try to contact them. I've been searching for this unique woman for a long time and although the outcome of my search has so far felt quite discouraging, I have confidence that there is a woman out there who fits this description in its entirety and that she and I will cross paths through this site. I'm just a man with a unique preference looking to date a unique woman and I have nothing to be ashamed of. I will never give up.
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My cat that looks like an otter
Nintendo Wii/Ds
Strange people
Womanly things you wouldn't know about
Inventive interpretations of culinary classics
Folgers in my cup
Moving to music
Working for the man. Burning Man!
Reading by the fire


My other cat
Dudes that work at Kiosks (especially if they're Armenian or are selling cell phone plans)
Standing still to music
The current state of music
My generation :( sorry guys
Working for the man. The regular man.
Catching on fire instead of reading

Okay, now it's fair to say you know me! I hope you enjoy our one-sided friendship as much as I ignore it.
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Yo, I'm the artist formally known as Retrowaster. My other livejournal of 5 years was suspended after I said a few offensive things... Something about smuggling cocaine into Las Vegas, or peace in the middle east? Some people just don't have a sense of humor,  I guess.
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